Our guests

Вernard Devaux

    In his article, Dr Вernard Devaux, a well-known herpetologist and outstanding expert of reptiles, characterized the activity of the Zookompleks as rather promising in the journal La Tortue, No 78, p. 54-75,  after he had paid a visit to the nursery. He noted that the level of animal keeping in the nursery meets international requirements. In the nursery, there are all conditions for keeping a large number of animals. There are both enclosed and open enclosures providing conditions maximally close to natural ones.
This scientist also participated in the field trip arranged by the Zookompleks for the study of this species in its natural environments.


    Dr Andrey Zatoka, a herpetologist with immense experience of working in Central Asia and the consultant of TRAFFIC EUROPE, the organization providing the control of the adequate keeping of animals, visited the nursery. In his article entitled “Ranching and breeding of Testudo horsfieldii in Uzbekistan” (Radiata, 2002, v.11, No 4, p. 21-42) he positively evaluated the ranching of this tortoise species in Uzbekistan. The activity of the Zookompleks was officially approved by TRAFFIC EUROPE.
CITES scientific and administrative authorities

CITES scientific and administrative authorities, representatives of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences and members of the interdepartmental commission responsible for the quota of animals in the Uzbekistan regularly visit the Zookompleks.

We receive the city authorities of the City of Tashkent, too.