Mission and goals

The Zoocomplex is an organization dealing with the legal selling of wild animals and those reared in captivity: insects, amphibians, birds and mammalians.

We have been trading at the international market since 1980. We have been establishing our business reputation for many years, during which we have dealt with the supplies of animals through many well-known dealers and traders all over the world.

Owing to our 30-year experience and investments of funds into the development of new technologies, we have an opportunity to optimize the conditions of keeping and feeding, bring them closer to natural ones, obtain the highest number of eggs from the brood stock, increase hatchability and survival rate of juvenile animals.

The establishment of a farm dealing with the artificial rearing and ranching of tortoises enabled us to reduce the impact of one of the most important factors affecting the numbers of natural populations, the factor of field procurement. Thus, in the span of seven years the press on the wild population dropped from 30% to 50% owing to our work.

In our range, we have the following animals  (stock-list).

We provide special discounts and conditions for our constant customers.