Export of animals

Before shipment all animals undergo a 30-day quarantine, which is carried out by the service of Uzbek Gosvetnadzor [State Veterinary Surveillance], according to norms and standards, which is confirmed by an issued special veterinary certificate. For the transportation, the animals are placed into special boxes (cages), in compliance with the instructions of the international agreement on transportation of live animals (IATA). All boxes are labeled with special markings indicating the status and conditions of transportation, warehousing and maintaining in transit points and conditions of reloading to other types of transports. Transport boxes (cages) are made by the workers of the Zookompleks in compliance with the IATA requirements.

We will gladly provide you with the links to our constant customers. The shipment to new customers is only carried out after the 100% prepayment.

You are required to inform us in advance about all issues concerning imports to your country.

This also concerns the veterinary certificate, salmonellosis tests, etc. The export of animals is carried out year-round.