Information about company

Dear colleagues,

Our company Zoocomplex situated in Tashkent (About Tashkent) is the largest of officially registered organizations in Uzbekistan dealing with the rearing and ranching of the tortoise Agrionemys horsfieldii in captivity. Besides tortoises, various species of amphibians, reptiles and birds inhabiting Uzbekistan are kept in our nursery.

We have both close and open premises for the maintenance and ranching of animals, a quarantine station, office, logistics, technical aid department, laboratories and an insectarium in which we rear insects intended for animal feeding. The staff includes 20 persons, most of them having long-term work records and being certified specialists (MA holders). The scientific department is under the supervision of a scientist with the candidate’s degree in biology. The sanitary-veterinary surveillance is carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan. We work in a close cooperation with the scientific-research institute of epidemiology, microbiology and infectious diseases of the Uzbek Public Health Ministry.

We maintain animals, which are permanently or temporarily kept in the nursery, on the basis of latest achievements of the world practice, as well as on the methods developed by our specialists. We annually invest funds into new projects and equipment.

For a long time we have been exporting animals to our constant customers in many states of the world: the USA, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Japan, Czech Republic, Italy and others.

We can provide our new customers with the links of our constant customers.

It is noteworthy that the Zookompleks is one of the few organizations carrying out

inventory and monitoring of population numbers of commercially important animals.

Regrettably, we only work with the wholesale buyers; however, we will be happy to answer you and establish new links.

With my best regards,

Georgy Sorochinsky

Director & owner