Production process

The workers of the Zoocomplex have developed programs of cultivation, ranching and keeping of animals at commercial levels. The main directions of the Zookompleks are ranching and rearing of the Horsfield’s tortoise, Agrionemys horsfieldii. The Zookompleks annually yields as many as 17,000 juveniles, twenty percent of which are assigned to the category C (captivity) and the others are under the category R (ranching).

Our company carries out work on the optimization of housing conditions. Special attention is paid to the diet. The latter includes herbs, vegetables and fruit, as well as protein, mineral and vitamin additives. The ratio and composition of food significantly varies over seasons, age-size composition and a necessary rate of growth.

Manufactured dry feeds, e.g. Monster diet, are also used.

While in stable and optimal conditions in the nursery, most tortoises grow from 25,2 -48,6 mm (average 40 mm) and the weight of 20 g at birth to the size of more than 60 mm and the weight of 60 g in the span of 8 months of rearing. In the wild, this size is attained by tortoises at the age of 3 to 4 years.

Young tortoises obtained from the reared stock significantly differ from the tortoises of the same age in the wild. As time passes, this difference becomes more pronounced. The size and weight of tortoises reared in the nursery are on average significantly larger than in wild tortoises; their carapaces are more convex with sharp edges not worn by the sand. Their color is brighter and the zones of growth are clearer than in wild tortoises. These differences exclude the possibility of export of tortoises withdrawn from the wild as those grown in the nursery.

Besides, we sell reptiles, birds and mammalians withdrawn from the wild (W). Before selling, all animals undergo the process of pre-sales preparation, which includes extermination of ecto- and endo-parasites, adaptation to keeping in enclosures and artificial feeding.

Tortoise RTortoise W

Top row (left to right): ranched (R) a, b – 2 years, с – two months; bottom row – wild (W)
a – 11 years; b – 8 years; с – two months.