Welcome to ZooComplex!

The Zoocomplex Ltd is the largest zoobusiness operator in the Central Asian region. In its present form the company was established in 2003; it is the legal successor of the state company established in 1947.

The main activity of this company is focused on the rearing, ranching and keeping of the Horsfield's tortoise, Agrionemys horsfieldii (Gray, 1844), and a subsequent marketing of this reptile. The company conducts long-term scientific studies of numbers and monitors some animal species inhabiting the Central Asian region. Much attention is paid to the development of innovative methods of keeping and ranching of the Horsfield's tortoise. The workers of this company have been granted the state patent of invention No IAP 03676 "A method of ranching of juvenile Horsfield's tortoises".

The Zoocomplex Ltd specializes in catches and supplies of some species of insects, amphibians, reptiles and mammalians.

There is a direction in activities including catches, keeping and rearing of birds of prey, owls and small passerine birds.

The company has been working with numerous partners for many years and has a good reputation as a reliable partner. However, we are always glad to new customers and partners, as well as all people working in the sphere of ranching and keeping the Horsfield's tortoise.

We will be glad to consider any requests for animals inhabiting Uzbekistan.